Introducing the “Dev Diaries” series: where we break down what the team worked on for the past month, what our goals are for the upcoming month, and some insight into how we are doing as a company and game.

Game & Website Updates (Nov + Dec 2021)

December was a big crunch as we were kicking off new…

By somewhat popular demand, the Flowerpatch team would like to share a quick guide on our product, crypto, and how they correlate. While we have a firm grasp on the tech we use within crypto, the entire space is rapidly evolving. While we remain in this exciting phase of trial…

Hey, Huge Lung (Andrei Edell) here with more of a personal message. Cannabis can be a part of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, but there are risks. By focussing on positivity, wellness, and building good habits — those risks are mitigated, and cannabis enhances life

The Flowerpatch staff has always…

There are some new FLOWERs in Alvita, visiting for the holidays. They might stay if you persuade them… Locate the 6 crystalline FLOWERs across Alvita for a chance to breed a completely unique kind of FLOWER.

Be sure to breed your plants quickly cause these crystal FLOWERs are only available for one week. Find them scattered around Alvita and be the first to plant next to them. The new FLOWERS have a totally unique look to them, and so will their children. Will you be the best crystal farmer? Try your hand at our game, and make sure you follow our Twitter, follow our Instagram, and join our Discord.

If you didn’t hear, Flowerpatch recently integrated with Polygon, an Ethereum-compatible framework for building and connecting Blockchain networks. Since then, over 1000 Polygon FLOWER cards have been minted through breeding. To celebrate our integration to Polygon, and as a thank you to our community, we are hosting a raffle for Polygon themed FLOWER cards.

Three winners will receive a rare “Polygon” FLOWER card and one grand-prize winner will receive an epic “Matic Willow” FLOWER card. To enter the raffle, enter your information into this Google form. Be sure to join our Discord, follow our Twitter, and follow our Instagram to stay updated with more card giveaways. Start building your farm today! Peace and love.

The source of this info:

And in particular, he links to:

I am: Andrei Edell (aka Huge Lung), an Ethereum entrepreneur working full time on, an indie blockchain game

When I first read that tweet, I was really surprised. We’ve been thinking since the start of Bitcoin…

We’re proud to announce the highly anticipated release of the very first version of our FLOWER farming game platform — ‘Flowerpatch Alpha’, the only blockchain-based virtual cannabis farming game.

The Flowerpatch Alpha release marks the first time players can participate in our in-browser game platform. This early release is integral…


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