Dev Diaries: Volume 2

3 min readFeb 9, 2022


Off to a running start: January 2022 has been a decisive month in which the team worked rigorously on Flowerpatch. We are confident that this work has positioned us well to expand Flowerpatch through the remainder of Winter.

Game & Website Updates (January 2022)

January was a big crunch as we were kicking off new projects, battling important technical issues, and rapidly growing as a company. Here is what we were able to do to improve our user experience and product performance last month:


January was a big month for deciding the future of Flowerpatch. The most pressing issue has been space in the game and room for new players, so this month we made the Multiple Worlds update our main focus among other necessary optimizations.

> FlowerDB

  • Fixed disappearing/missing FLOWERs in game world
  • New capabilities for locking and unlocking NFTs at given locations — important for multiple world support (maintains FLOWER NFT status across different servers)
  • Added read only web3 to the old redux context
  • Begun refactoring working pages to use new state infrastructure and user system

> Game

  • Updated filters in game and account page (added FLOWER # filter)
  • Prepared for Multiple Worlds by syncing different game server data

> Website

  • Fixed Portis login flow
  • Portis users can now see SEED balance

> User Fixes

  • Fixed “wrong owner” error in game info sidebar
  • Fixed SEED counter & SEED popover


After over a year of preparation and allocating resources, we have finally built a working model of our new product: Redeemable. Redeemable allows you to pick any NFT from your wallet & transform it into a scannable URL reward.

> Website

  • Implemented redeemable deployment and domains/https
  • Designed and implemented account page
  • Implemented Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and Portis support

> Product

  • Completed flow from landing page to NFT redemption

Dapper Dinos

Our progress on Dapper Dinos is chugging along steadily — we continued to develop new features and narrow our scope on the finished products we will deliver.

> Website

  • Implemented production dino deployment and domains/https
  • Updated all images to be high quality
  • Fixed Dapper Dinos favicon

> Product

  • Deployed Dapper Dinos app
  • Mobile support improvements
  • Many UI design improvements: on attributes, unlock popup, edit profile popup, account page

Flowerpatch Statistical Insights (January 2022)

To give a brief overview of how our NFTs, SEED, and our products are performing, see below.


  • Users: 16,108
  • Average Daily Users: 520
  • Total Sessions: 44,895
  • Average Daily Sessions: 1,448
  • Average Session Duration: 9:00
  • Total Time on Website: 279 days


  • Total Breeds: 3,282 (271 Two Player Breeds/ 2,948 Self Breeds)
  • Total FLOWER Cards Minted (Via Breeding): 9,657
  • Total Flowerpatch SEED Market Purchases: 23


  • Total FLOWER Sales: 3,802
  • Total ETH Volume Traded: 6.0427

This Month (February 2022)

We have so much in store for 2022 and intend to get off to a sprinting start in January — here is how we intend to improve the game and bring value to our users this month.

Game Updates

  • Factions
  • Landmarks
  • Multiple Worlds (Full launch this week)
  • New FLOWERs
  • Game and server optimizations

Website Updates

  • Website redesign/facelift
  • Website and account page improvements and optimizations


  • Deploy FlowerpatchDAO
  • Redeemable promotions and giveaways

Thank you for reading — if you want to follow our news live, please join us in Discord and on Twitter.