Dev Diaries: Volume 2

Game & Website Updates (January 2022)


  • Fixed disappearing/missing FLOWERs in game world
  • New capabilities for locking and unlocking NFTs at given locations — important for multiple world support (maintains FLOWER NFT status across different servers)
  • Added read only web3 to the old redux context
  • Begun refactoring working pages to use new state infrastructure and user system
  • Updated filters in game and account page (added FLOWER # filter)
  • Prepared for Multiple Worlds by syncing different game server data
  • Fixed Portis login flow
  • Portis users can now see SEED balance
  • Fixed “wrong owner” error in game info sidebar
  • Fixed SEED counter & SEED popover


  • Implemented redeemable deployment and domains/https
  • Designed and implemented account page
  • Implemented Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and Portis support
  • Completed flow from landing page to NFT redemption

Dapper Dinos

  • Implemented production dino deployment and domains/https
  • Updated all images to be high quality
  • Fixed Dapper Dinos favicon
  • Deployed Dapper Dinos app
  • Mobile support improvements
  • Many UI design improvements: on attributes, unlock popup, edit profile popup, account page

Flowerpatch Statistical Insights (January 2022)


  • Users: 16,108
  • Average Daily Users: 520
  • Total Sessions: 44,895
  • Average Daily Sessions: 1,448
  • Average Session Duration: 9:00
  • Total Time on Website: 279 days


  • Total Breeds: 3,282 (271 Two Player Breeds/ 2,948 Self Breeds)
  • Total FLOWER Cards Minted (Via Breeding): 9,657
  • Total Flowerpatch SEED Market Purchases: 23


  • Total FLOWER Sales: 3,802
  • Total ETH Volume Traded: 6.0427

This Month (February 2022)

Game Updates

  • Factions
  • Landmarks
  • Multiple Worlds (Full launch this week)
  • New FLOWERs
  • Game and server optimizations

Website Updates

  • Website redesign/facelift
  • Website and account page improvements and optimizations


  • Deploy FlowerpatchDAO
  • Redeemable promotions and giveaways

Thank you for reading — if you want to follow our news live, please join us in Discord and on Twitter.



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