Dev Diaries: Volume 3

Game & Website Updates (February 2022)

This past February we emphasized the reconstruction of our game economics and empowering our player base through that.


In February we began the redesign of SEED’s Tokenomics to function with FlowerpatchDAO and benefit from Uniswap liquidity pools.


  • Wrote updated SEED smart contract
  • Deployed new contract on Polygon Mainnet
  • New breeding and harvesting mechanics implementation

> Game

  • Created framework to implement permanent assets in game world
  • Implemented <SwitchChains/> UX on the Flowerpatch breeding page

> Website

  • Wrote updated Vending Machine smart contract
  • Deployed new contract on Polygon Mainnet
  • Improved Portis connection experience

> User Fixes

  • Nugbase fixed Web3 usage to automatically use metamask web3 when available but also use readOnly Web3 if metamask is unavailable. Reduces web3 call span


> Website

  • Added metadata API

> Product

  • Set up Redeemable deployment environment
  • Added <SwitchChains/> and <AddNetwork/> components to Redeemable and Nugbase-web repos

Dapper Dinos

> Website

  • Connected Dinder frontend with backend (main carousel)
  • Added Banner notification system with automatic disabling based on time for DB downtime
  • Updated DinoDB to rebalance the stats with the new min-max values for stats

> Product

  • Breeding algorithm complete
  • Baby Dino renderer system complete
  • Created manual configuration file for Baby Dino parts

Flowerpatch Statistical Insights (February 2022)


  • Users: 12,655
  • Average Daily Users: 452
  • Total Sessions: 38,246
  • Average Daily Sessions: 1,366
  • Average Session Duration: 11:22
  • Total Time on Website: 302 Days


  • Total Breeds: 4,089 (336 Breeds with other players, 3,753 Self Breeds)
  • Total FLOWER Cards Minted (Via Breeding): 12,267
  • Total Flowerpatch SEED Market Purchases: 22


  • Total FLOWER Sales: 2,045
  • Total ETH Volume Traded: 3.7347 ETH

This Month (March 2022)

This March is a huge month for giving our economy a facelift as well as progressing FlowerpatchDAO.

Game Updates

  • Adding in all landmarks and historical locations to Livity (& Alvita)
  • FLOWER description ID system
  • Cloud feature library

Website Updates

  • Upgrade Flowerpatch to new redux tech
  • website redesign


  • Launch FlowerpatchDAO
  • Smart contracts for Dino FOSSIL and BONES

Thank you for reading — if you want to follow our news live, please join us in Discord and on Twitter.



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