Flowerpatch Alpha Release

We’re proud to announce the highly anticipated release of the very first version of our FLOWER farming game platform — ‘Flowerpatch Alpha’, the only blockchain-based virtual cannabis farming game.

The Flowerpatch Alpha release marks the first time players can participate in our in-browser game platform. This early release is integral to the development of Flowerpatch, as it will allow our team to gather information from our early-adopters and help us improve the game in the coming months!

As such, we’re really excited to share this release with our community, which has grown over the last few months into a vibrant group who are ready to journey into Alvita — the game world which now allows the planting and harvesting of your precious FLOWERs! But before we take a look at what’s included in the Flowerpatch Alpha, let’s explore the history of the Land of Alvita, which you’ll have had a first look at through this latest release.

The Land of Alvita

‘Alvita’, by Duncan Hatch

Are you ready to delve into a world of ethereal wonder, and watch your favorite FLOWERs grow before your very eyes? Navigate your way through a rich and mysterious land, filled with the silent ruins of civilizations long since passed; as you uncover the secrets which wrought destruction upon the ancients who walked here before you.

Even in those most enlightened of times, greed took root like an evil seed; laying waste to the once flourishing civilizations and plunging Alvita into an age of darkness. Malevolence loomed for many moons, as much of the traditions, knowledge, and fellowship which all Koalas once held dear were lost.

The haze dissipated as goodness and kindness emanated from those most virtuous and pure of heart. Although the nefarious cults of the past have faded along with the once awe-inspiring civilizations, a sinister entity seeks to prey upon the kindly Koalas once more.

As one of the earliest members of these intrepid Koala’s rank, it’s your turn to join us in our Flowerpatch Alpha release as we explore a long lost land. Choose between good and evil — restore the world to its former majesty, or sow darkness and chaos, one FLOWER at a time.

To celebrate the ancient history of our game world, we’re launching ‘The Ancient’ FLOWER set. Remnants of a world long forgotten, these FLOWERs include two Epics — the ‘Nepalese Napalm’ and ‘The 6th Wonder’; as well as three Rare cards, including ‘Thairannosaurus Rex’, ‘Afghani Candy’, and ‘Acehnese Sacrament’!

Get your hands on these ancient FLOWERs as part of the Flowerpatch Alpha release!

The land of Alvita features six biomes — ice, soil, stone, water, sand, and lava! Each biome corresponds to a type of FLOWER, which you can plant in their favorite growing spot to yield maximum crops for your Koalas!

What features are available in Flowerpatch Alpha?

Many of you have been in our community for some time now, and you’ll all be eager to hear what you can do with those sweet FLOWERs you’ve meticulously collected. So, what early features can you experience?

Screenshot of Flowerpatch Alpha

Players can till, plant, and harvest their FLOWERs in our new interactive game world, allowing a new dimension to the FLOWER breeding process.

Now, FLOWERs which are planted adjacent to each other can be bred together to create hybrid offspring. This is possible between your own FLOWERs, and even with those who belong to someone else! For example, if someone plants a legendary FLOWER in the game world, you can plant your common next to it for an increased chance of rolling for a better rarity offspring!

Breeding will now be carried out in the Alvita game world!

Remember, now breeding is available in the game world, it’s going to be harder to breed! Also, you can directly access the store through the gaming interface to buy new FLOWERs, or just browse rare ones you’re saving up for.

As we progress through Flowerpatch Alpha, we’ll also be looking to add your very own animated Koala avatars into the game!

You have a budding career ahead of you!

Ready to pick up your tools and start a new career as a Koala cannabis farmer? Great! You’ll be glad to hear that playing is simple — no download required. But there are a couple of things you’ll need to get started.

If you’ve already got MetaMask installed, simply navigate to www.flowerpatch.app/game and unlock your account using the settings cogwheel in the top right-hand corner! You will be asked to sign a transaction which allows access to the game, no gas required.

It’s that easy — now you’re free to plant FLOWERs and explore! Don’t have MetaMask yet? Follow MetaMask’s official FAQ to get started with your very own browser plugin, allowing you to access web-3 games and apps such as FlowerPatch.

Once you’ve created a wallet, or signed in with a new address, be sure to head over to the FlowerPatch Market and get yourself some starter FLOWERs — or you can head over to OpenSea or Boxswap.io to see what our community has to offer!

Airdrop Partnerships with OpenSea and HB Wallet

Before you dive in, we’ve got one last thing to celebrate the Flowerpatch Alpha release. In association with HB Wallet, we’re holding an airdrop for our community.

If you’d like to participate in the HB Wallet airdrop, called a ‘Gacha drop’, we recommend you install the HB Wallet app on your mobile device and have some spare ETH for gas fees. You can enter for a chance to win prizes from any Gacha drop once a day. As with all Gacha drops, the types of prizes and chances of winning those prizes will be listed on the Gacha drop’s page.

Win FLOWERs and ETH with our Gacha drop!

Information on our OpenSea airdrop will be available later in the week!

From all of the Nugbase team, we would like to thank you in joining us on our journey so far, and we look forward to hearing your experiences of playing the Flowerpatch Alpha. Thank you for being a great community and from all at Nugbase — happy growing!

– The Nugbase Team

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Kindly written and edited by Elliot Hill

Developer Team