Flowerpatch & Crypto For Dummies

Nugbase / Flowerpatch

Nugbase is an indie game studio that was conceptualized and founded in 2017 by a group of friends who shared common interests in gaming, tech, and cannabis. Since then, we have been working to do several things through our game, Flowerpatch (and now several other projects, as well): build the world’s best digital cannabis community with respect towards the plant and its caretakers in mind, build a marketing and tech platform for cannabis brands by harnessing the benefits of crypto, and game-ify the dispensary experience.

Flowerpatch game-play 2021

How does the game work?

Similar to popular Facebook game, Farmville, Flowerpatch is a multiplayer farming game in which you take on the role of a peaceful Koala in the land of Alvita. Farmers in Flowerpatch will plant and harvest digital cannabis, which is represented by “FLOWER Tokens.” Each FLOWER is an NFT with over 20 traits (including smell, taste, height, and THC content) coded into the Ethereum blockchain.

What are NFTs and why do this on a blockchain (or two)?

“Can’t I just take a screenshot of a FLOWER NFT?” Yes, if you just want to be able to look at that image. But now, there is much more to owning an NFT than just that.



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