Dev Diaries: Volume 1

3 min readJan 7, 2022


Introducing the “Dev Diaries” series: where we break down what the team worked on for the past month, what our goals are for the upcoming month, and some insight into how we are doing as a company and game.

Game & Website Updates (Nov + Dec 2021)

December was a big crunch as we were kicking off new projects, battling important technical issues, and rapidly growing as a company. Here is what we were able to do to improve our user experience and product performance last month:


As we combatted various network and server provider issues throughout the month, we were able to strengthen our tech stack immensely and button up some exploits and botting opportunities.


  • The Great Merge.
  • Upgraded entire tech stack for Nugbase and Flowerpatch Repos
  • Rewrote codebase
  • Upgraded webpack, react, babel

> Game Server

  • Fixed context/deadline issues that users were seeing
  • Fixed harvesting exploit that caused game server lag + seed inflation

> Dropper

  • Updated SEED drop system
  • Introduced “babysitter” code (manages transactions): Handles upgrading price if tx take too long / pending tx, handles almost every error a node can throw, 0% failure rate on sending SEED transactions now
  • Edited code to prevent overpaying on gas from our end

> Minter

  • Reworked minter to use new logsync library
  • Minter checkpoints now stored in database and easy to edit
  • Fixed GROW minter
  • Edited code to prevent overpaying on gas from our end
  • Introduced configs for managing flower markets— configurations/markets
  • Made it much simpler to add new FLOWER sets
  • Introduced set management features into configs/brands.json
  • Fixes to cards and markets to support new configurations
  • Updated Flowershell inventory repl, allowing admins to control inventories easily

> User Fixes

  • Anti-Botting: Implemented basic reCaptcha, patched major exploit where you could plant fully grown flowers via API, implemented Google AI to track botters
  • Fixed chainID bugs introduced by newer MetaMask (i.e. failing to detect which chain we are on)
  • Prevented FLOWER self breeding in the UI
  • Prevented breeding if not enough SEED (considering 1500 vs 2000 pricing)
  • Re-enabled ETH breeding
  • If localStorage runs out, game settings stop getting saved—implemented automatic cache dumping if localStorage is full
  • Fixed issue with gas limits being too low in some cases, which was causing users’ ETH breeds to fail
  • Fixed dead space at top of game UI that was unclickable
  • Advanced Login flow using redux and web3React
  • Fixed FLOWER rendering bugs

Dapper Dinos

Since we were contracted to develop products and tech for the Dapper Dinos NFT collection, we have already embarked on a variety of features within this project.

> Website

  • Designed and coded account page, login flow (wallet connect), about page
  • Designed landing page animations and assets
  • New User data API, which can store an arbitrary amount of tagged data
  • Responsive design update

> Product

  • DinoDB + deployment (indexes Dinos, account search basics)

Flowerpatch Statistical Insights (December 2021)

To give a brief overview of how our NFTs, SEED, and our products are performing, see below.


  • Users: 16,498
  • Average Daily Users: 532
  • Total Sessions: 42,902
  • Average Daily Sessions: 1,383.9
  • Average Session Duration: 9:05
  • Total Time on Website: 108.25 days


  • Total Breeds: 3,282 (530 Two Player Breeds/ 2,752 Self Breeds)
  • Total FLOWER Cards Minted (Via Breeding): 9,846
  • Total Flowerpatch SEED Market Purchases: 37


  • Total FLOWER Sales: 4,645
  • Total ETH Volume Traded: 6.9972

This Month (January 2022)

We have so much in store for 2022 and intend to get off to a sprinting start in January — here is how we intend to improve the game and bring value to our users this month.

Game Updates

  • New and updated FLOWER filters
  • Multiple Worlds
  • Game and server optimizations

Website Updates

  • New login modal with added support of other wallets
  • Begin website facelift


  • A DAO for Flowerpatch
  • Dapper Dinos Website improvements, breeding functionality, and game assets.

Thank you for reading — if you want to follow our news live, please join us in Discord and on Twitter.