Play to Earn Sucks, OR: The Future of Flowerpatch 2.0 (by Huge Lung)

Farm more SEED to breed more FLOWERs to sell more SEED and FLOWERs
Constant inflation and downward pressure is the entire gameplay loop. Nugbase struggles to have a business model because we’re directly competing with players and botters to be able to sell FLOWERs and SEED

General Ideas

First of all, advertising the idea that a person can make money from grinding your game and tokens is incredibly close to a violation of the securities Howey Test — meaning that games advertising Play to Earn may be acting illegally. Nugbase has been careful to never advertise that anyone can derive profit from Flowerpatch — it’s a game product for entertainment only—but I’ll admit we’re close to the line

Gameplay vs Tokenomics

Back to Flowerpatch: tying our SEED game token to FLOWERs has caused mass inflation, and has greatly encouraged botters. Additionally, putting so much economic pressure on harvesting leads to game worlds that are just perfectly optimized with fences and flower fields. It’s honestly very impressive to see, but also very lame as a game experience. And this is my overall point: economics-based gameplay always becomes hyper-optimized, at the cost of gameplay and enjoyment. I think Flowerpatch got off track: we wanted to make the best cannabis game, but we’ve sacrificed some of that in favor of trying to catch crypto economic trends

The current, hyper-optimized grid of the Flowerpatch Livity World
It’s like some kind of intense suburbs where nothing is connected

Our Old Model Was Better, So We’re Going Back To It

It was hype to receive ETH directly to your wallet, instead of SEED. We can now do the same for MATIC

So What’s Next For SEED?

SEED Shopkeeper’s Shop
  • Allow players to purchase non-crypto game items for SEED. For example, bombs will be moved to being a SEED purchase to discourage their widespread availability. There will be other advanced tech, cosmetics, and game benefits available in the SEED shop
  • Enable p2p game item trade via billboards. My vision is that you can make a little sale offer for game items or even FLOWERs/NFTs inside a billboard. Then a player could come along and fulfill the trade using SEED exclusively. This way, SEED has some game utility
  • Limited drops, game events, and merch sales. We could periodically accept SEED to buy our merch, as a form of promotion. We could still use SEED periodically, like auctioning a private island NFT using it. This is up in the air, but we’d continue playing with cool ways that an ERC20 can be made fun in a game context
  • Allow players (probably Dave/Cultist tech tree) to burn FLOWERs for rewards that may include SEED

The Vision for Flowerpatch 2.0

One thing that has been going well is the ramp-up of our physical NFT cards and coins. I’m stoked to say that Fiore has been coming back to us asking for more cards to distribute, and for us to print new variants for their new branded strains. We’re also about to be in the packaging of actual cannabis jars, and these “FLOWER Coins” will go anywhere that there is distribution for our partner brands. “Buy a blue dream eighth and get a free blue dream NFT.” It’s very likely that we’ll see FLOWER cards being given away (or sold!) in 50–100 dispensaries this year

Fiore-branded FLOWER cards being displayed and distributed at Cookies Maywood in LA
Private Lands Concept
Some of Stijn’s amazing design / concept work!
Some more of Stijn’s amazing design / concept work!
This guy might save your farm from a hurricane

Finally, The Damn Economy

Almost everyone is currently feeling the hardship of a sharp economic downturn. Years of extreme USD inflation, war, the pandemic, and the potential end of a crypto bull run — have come together to really slap us in the face. This, combined with other factors, has led Nugbase to cut half of our staff and tighten our belts



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